Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference Press

Sheana Davis - Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference



A new wave of artisan and urban cheesemakers will take the spotlight at the 12th Annual Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference (SVCC) – a yearly gathering of American artisan cheesemakers, retailers, distributors and food writers, on Feb. 21 – 26 in Sonoma, Calif.

Hosted by Sheana Davis of The Epicurean Connection, the SVCC is a premier destination for cheese industry opinion leaders from across the nation. This year, the event will highlight a core group of new cheesemakers representing the next generation. Dr. Moshe Rosenberg from U.C. Davis is addressing the local trend in his session, Local is More than a Zip Code: Opportunities and Challenges with Cheese Terroir.

Conference festivities kick off in San Francisco on Feb. 21, with Cheese Plus, San Francisco cheese retailer, hosting a public Winter Artisan Cheese Fair featuring artisan cow, sheep and goat cheese producers, wines, brews, guest chefs from 1 to 4 p.m.  A Winter Artisan Cheese Fair is planned in Sonoma on Feb. 22 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Ramekins Culinary School.

The event showcases cheesemakers leading the artisan and farmstead cheese movement, as well as wines and ales from Sonoma County. The conference proper begins Monday, February. 23 at the Sonoma Valley Inn. Sessions include Profit Centers for Cheese Retailers,  How to Build a Successful Cheese Plant from the Ground Up, and What You Need to Know about Recalls and Liability presented by  Richard Idell, attorney.  Guest speakers include Jonathan Bowen of Gypsy Cheese Company, Jed Asmus of Ewetopia Dairy, Sarah Marcus of Briar Rose Creamery, Anna Hancock of Pug’s Leap Cheese Company, Jon Fancy of Bi Rite Market, Bill Foss of Kenwood Restaurant, Glenda Humiston of the USDA Rural Development, Laurie Gallian, Sonoma City Council and more to be announced.

Feb. 23 and 24 feature seminars and networking sessions, and wraps up with a special one-day ZingTrain session led by Ari Weinzweig of Zingerman’s on Feb. 25. A ZingTrain seminar on Feb. 26 is sold out.