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Sweet Summer Corn Pudding

This Sweet Corn Puddding is inspired by my drives through the rural countryside of Wisconsin, after looking at all of the amazing family farms who farm, Corn, make butter and make cheese! I even saw hops to I added in a brew to serve up too!
Sweet Summer Corn Pudding
Created by Sheana Davis, The Epicurean Connection
Yields 6 cups
4  tablespoons sweet butter, melted
1 teaspoon fresh garlic, crushed
1/2 cup fresh green onions
2 cup fresh white corn kernels
1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1/2 teaspoon each kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper
1/4 cup white wine
2 cups whipping cream
4 whole eggs
1/2 cup Carr Valley Mellange, grated fine
Preheat oven to 350.
Prepare a 6 cup baking pan, brush with 2 tablespoons metled sweet butter.
In a bowl, whisk together cream, eggs and cheese,  set aside while preparing recipe.
In a heavy bottom skillet, over medium flame, melt butter, add in garlic and saute for 1 minute.  Add in green onions, corn kernels, thyme, salt and pepper. Saute for 3-4 minutes, until corn is plump, add in wine and saute for 2 minutes until wine is reduced.   Remove from heat, pour into separate bowl and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Fold into milk mixture, pour into baking pan and bake for 35-40 minutes or until pudding is firm.  Remove from heat, serve with a green salad, glass of Honey Wheat or Pilsner and Enjoy!

Honey Blackberry Flan

Created by Sheana Davis, The Epicurean Connection
Yields 6 flans
6 whole eggs
3 egg yolks
3/4 cup fresh Honey
4 cups whipping cream
1 cup fresh blackberries
1/8 teaspoon salt
Preheat oven to 350.
Prepare ramekins by pouring 1 teaspoon honey in 6  each 6-8 ounce ramekin.
Place ramekins in a baking pan, 2 inches deep, add in 1/4 inch water.
In a large bowl, whisk together whole eggs, yolks and 1/2 cup honey.
Over low flame, in a heavy bottom pan, heat half and half and salt.  Heat to 160 and gently ladle and whisk into egg mixture.   Pour mixture into ramekins and place in oven to bake for 45 minutes or until custard is set.
Remove from oven, and place on cooling rack. Arrange blckberries on top while warm, gently pressing into flan. Allow to rest and cool for 2-4 hours until firm. To serve, using a pairing knife, gently cut around edges of flan and gently flip out onto serving plate or serve in ramekins.   Serve with fresh blackberries, glass of Amber Ale and Enjoy!

Summer Green Goddess

Created by Sheana Davis
Inspired by MFK Fisher

Yields 4 cups

8-12 Anchovy Fillets, chopped fine
1/2 cup sweet summer red onion, grated
1/4 cup fresh Parsley leaves, chopped fine
2 tablespoons fresh Tarragon leaves, chopped fine
2 cups Mayonnaise (fresh or prepared)
2 tablespoons Tarragon Vinegar
1/4 cup fresh Chives, chopped fine
2 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped fine
1/2 teaspoons each salt and fresh ground black pepper

Place all prepared ingredients in small bowl and whisk together.  Taste, adjust seasoning.  Place in Mason Jar and refrigerate for minimum 4 hours.
Serve with fresh Summer Greens & Heirloom Tomatoes or a medley of grilled zucchini, onions.
Prepare a day ahead to allow flavors to blend.
Store for up to two weeks.

Black Eyed Peas with Collard Greens

Created by Sheana Davis The Epicurean Connection

1 pound dry black-eyed peas
1 cup chopped cooked ham (Optional)
2 tablespoons fresh garlic, chopped
1 cup white onions, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1 cup carrots, chopped
2 cups can or fresh tomato puree
6 cups stock, vegetable, chicken, beef or water
2 tablespoons dried oregano
1 teaspoon sea salt and black pepper to taste
1/2 teaspoon chili flakes
2 cups collard greens, cut into 1 inch strips

In a heavy bottom soup pot, place ham, garlic, onions, celery and carrots in the pot over medium flame and saute for 5 minutes.  Season with salt, pepper, chili flakes and oregano.  Add in black eyed peas, continuing to saute for 5 minutes.  Add in tomato puree, stock, reduce flame and simmer for approximately 90 minutes or until beans are tender.  When beans are tender, add in collard greens, cook until greens are tender and serve~ Enjoy!
Optional to remove ham from recipe to make a vegetarian recipe.
Serve with fresh baked cornbread and an ale~  Happy New Year!~


Davis Family Ginger Snaps

December 21, 2010, “Press Democrate Bite Club” by Heather Irwin

Sheana Davis is a ringer…as a professional caterer, I knew these would be amazing, but hands down, these are the best ginger snaps I’ve made to date. The mix of butter and shortening makes for a rich, soft cookie. The fresh ginger adds a special zing you just can’t get in powdered ginger.

Davis Family Ginger Snaps
Submitted by Sheana Davis

1/2 c. Sonoma County  butter, room temperature
1/2 c. shortening
1 1/2 c. granulated sugar
1/2 c. dark molasses
2 whole farm fresh eggs
3 1/2 to 4 c. flour, sifter
2 1/4 t. baking soda, sifted
1/2 t. salt
2 t. fresh ginger, grated fine
1 1/2 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. cloves

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In a large mixing bowl with a hand mixer cream butter, shortening and sugar.  Add in molasses and eggs, thoroughly mixing.  Fold and them mix the dry ingredients a cup at a time, mixing as you go. Roll dough into 1″ balls and then roll balls in a bowl of sugar.  Bake on a non stick pan or parchment paper Place balls two inches apart on a cookie sheet. Bake for 8- 10 minutes, careful not to  over-bake. Enjoy fresh an hot out of the oven! Store cookies by storing them in an air tight container.
Yields approximately 3-4 dozen cookies.
*Dough may be made up to 24 hours in advance, formed into balls and then baked off when ready to enjoy!~